What is EFE ? It is a family owned and operated business created by Lisa and Rob Alexander , former firefighter.

We are based out of Boston Ma.

EFE came as a necessity after an exhausting personal experience we had at our house . The only egress of the house was on the first floor and none of the bedrooms on the second floor had any emergency egress .

At first we wanted to come up with a solution for our house in order to prevent ourselves from being unprepared in the future.

Our main question was : What equipment are “a must have “ so we are prepared in case of any fire /smoke emergency.

So we developed the Kit that includes :the portable fire escape ladder , smoke mask, fire blanket and the heat resistant gloves.We put our hearts and dedication on this project and are proud and happy to share it with every other family in the country.

Our purpose is to contribute towards the safety of every family and we hope that no one has to ever use it ,however in case of any accident, it’s better to be safe than sorry .

We pray that every family has peace love and prosperity.

From our family to yours!
The Alexander’s